Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dear Friends,

The blog is on hiatus. In the meantime, if you would like to leave a comment about the book or a related topic, please feel free to do so here as a comment on this post.

Cheers, Bo Burlingham


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry if you've addressed this already, but are you going to release an audiobook version of your book?

9:26 PM

Blogger lecentre said...

I recently finished reading your book, Bo, and absolutely loved it. I mentioned you in my post on ReThinking Foreign Aid where I suggested that helping developing countries create their own small giants would be a smarter way of going about foreign aid.

11:25 AM

Anonymous davidpatterson said...

I've been planning entering the world of entrepreneurial business for quite some time now, I've never felt comfortable making a move, after finishing your book(about 3 minutes ago) I suddenly feel comfortable and ready to begin my business without worrying about what i thought previously was the only successful way of business. Rapid Growth. Great book Bo, I've recommended it to so many people. Thanks so much for putting your time and effort into such a wonderful world of business.

3:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto on the audiobook request... small business owners spends lots of time on the road! Would love to have in on audiobook.

8:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bo
Thank you for the great book "Small Giants" i am a westerner running a manufacturing plant in China and found that chapter 5 "a culture of intimacy" to be something i could try in the company to give a better sence of belonging and ownership to the local staff.
This was something that was really needed.
i am not thier yet but i can see that the actions i have taken so far has shown positive results.
Thanks for your help.

7:02 AM

Anonymous Cliff said...

I have just finished reading your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. The most profound moment came to me at the end of the Reflections chapter, where you essentially are saying that without Great Companies, we cannot have a great society.
I think this is worth holding onto above all else. Companies have to focus on doing great things with their people and customers. Creating a large 'family' with consistent and outstanding values. Only then can society as a whole benefit for the long term.

4:02 AM


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