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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thanks to all of you who have left comments here lately. I apologize for not responding sooner. Many people have asked about the availability of an audio version of Small Giants. I'm working on getting one produced, but first I need to re-acquire the audio book rights. Apparently, the audio book makers decide whether to create an audio version of a book before it's published, and they passed on Small Giants. I can get one produced if I can get the rights back. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous Jill Roy Jolley said...

1st - it is a shame to see comments like the two above that take advantage of your comment field to put odd stuff in there.

2nd - I just found this book compliments of blog.

3rd - A great example of getting too big and losing focus is Charles Schwab & Co. I worked for them when they were small. They were smart, responsive and caring. As the employee count passed 5,000 that started going away and was completely gone at 10k employees. Once they got to 25k employees, their place in the market was lost. They were no longer the best at what they did. Eventually the empire building management left and Chuck Schwab came back to try to bring the focus on customers back.

Great to see you teaching business owners that small can be so much better than big.

Jill Roy Jolley

6:13 PM


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